The House with a Heart: A Retirement Home for Dogs in their Golden Years

The House with a Heart: A Retirement Home for Dogs in their Golden Years

It’s not only humans who have retirement homes these days. It’s so heartwarming to know that there are also retirement home for dogs now, too!

This inspiring video (National Geographic) melted our hearts as we learned what it’s like at a dog’s retirement home. The residents of this sanctuary in Gaithersburg, Maryland are dogs and cats who have lost their families and homes through no fault of their own. Due to their advanced age and various medical conditions, their chances of being adopted are very slim to none. But thanks to kind and loving people like Sher Polvinale and a team of volunteers, these senior dogs and cats are spending their golden years in very comfortable environment. Sher and her team spare no expense as they cater to the dogs’ every need.

From feedings to medications, these dogs are loved and never left alone until their last breath. It really touched our hearts (and sure that it will move you all too) to see their ‘Stairway to Heaven’ project. Watch the video below!

Inside a Retirement Home For Dogs

  • 0:02 – Meet Sher Polvinale with Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary
  • 0:08 – What is a retirement home for dogs?
  • 0:40 – Meet some of the dogs at the retirement home
  • 1:12 – How much care does these dogs get?
  • 1:47 – Daily Routine
  • 2:39 – Harriette Sackler (VP of House With Heart)
  • 3:33 – What is the Stairway To Heaven?

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