A Dying Dog’s Bucket List Adventure

A Dying Dog’s Bucket List Adventure

Does a dying dog have a bucket list? The answer is YES!  We were inspired by a ‘Good Morning America’ article (May 2015) about a New York City mixed-breed dog named Poh who is on a bucket list adventure.  Following Poh’s terminal diagnosis, his owner, Thomas Neil Rodriguez is making sure Poh’s dying days are not spent alone but in wanderlust adventure. According to ABC News, Mr. Rodrigues shared that he’s unsure on how much time he has left to spend with his dog, which prompted him and his fiancé to travel many miles visiting many cities. Poh’s adventures included visiting U.S.A.’s well-known landmarks such as the San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and Seattle’s Space Needle. Mr. Rodriguez shared with ABC news, “People think I take care of Poh, but Poh takes care of me.”

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Photo Source: Thomas Neil Rodriguez

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Photo Source: Thomas Neil Rodriguez

After reading this sweet and inspiring article, the life lesson that resonated with us here at The Happy Pet Company is…

“Even when life sometimes gets in the way, we mustn’t forget to value the quality time we spend with our pets.”

As pet owners, we must treat each blissful moment as if it was our last time to be with them. Apart from living short lives, most of our pets’ time is spent just waiting for us to come home to them each day.
After the end of a crazy day at work, when you get home today, don’t forget to give your pet some extra love!

How To Connect With Poh and Follow His Bucket List Adventure

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